What does MOTIVATIONAL THEORY  stands for, well there are different levels of motivation
for every individual need, for example, many of us feel motivated through money, safety measures
our surroundings and some feel motivated by competition from their own group or colleague



The individual working in an organization always feel more motivated when he or she is given appraisal by considering their work, the appraisal can be of money, position  etc

According to MOTIVATIONAL THEORY, Motivation is something which leads to the positive effect on the individual personality and confidence in his work which will definitely lead to the profit of the organization,
thus we can say that the motivation of an individual provides benefit to both the employees working for the organization as well as for the organization also.


The most important weapon of the organization to motivate the employee is JOB SATISFACTION,
first of all, it cannot be measured or seen, An organization should always try to meet the desires of its employee should maintain a friendly relation with their employee so that they can easily know that what they want from the organization.


It can be given in the name of rewards, gifts, bonus, incentives, good safety measures, good working station
and working condition even some organization provide reward letter or reward to the employees family member
to for example if the child has scored good marks the company provide the letter of congratulations
this help to build a family as well as a friendly relation between the employee and the organization.




This MOTIVATIONAL THEORY was given by Abraham Maslow in 1943 in which he had explained some measures of need which are as follows:





The organization must provide the employee with the basic need of human survival such as water, air, food, sleep because if the basic needs are not fulfilled the employee will not work with full zeal and passion.
he will always try to satisfy  his basic needs, these can be fulfilled by providing  spacious
and somewhat open working station so that they can feel fresh organization can also provide employee some their own time so that after the break they can feel fresh and work more hard for the benefit of the organization.



The workers in the organization need first of all their safety they should be satisfied that they are working in a safe condition, this is the second need of the individual which comes after he is satisfied with his basic needs.
he needs safety during work, a safe place to live in, safe neighborhood and most importantly no retention on work
needs a permanent job when his safety need is satisfied.
where  he will work with no fear in mind which will lead to the profit of the organization




As we know that human is a social animal who needs that the society should accept him should give him the sense of belongingness with other social animals living in a society, this is third need of the individual which he tends to satisfy after two above needs are satisfied,this need help to make relationship better between the colleagues as well as with the organization.





This esteem need in the hierarchy can be directly related with the self-confidence of the employee,
we all know that every individual has his own unique personality, the unique ability,
he wants that he should be recognized with his unique ability to work his self-respect which is the need of every individual if the need for self-esteem is satisfied the individual will fell respected,
recognized will have a sense of control moreover.





Self actualization need this is the last need in the hierarchy of Maslow theory this can be fulfilled by the individual itself by having confidence in himself his ability to do work moreover it depends on the willpower of the individual, if one has decided that he can achieve something really want in his life he will work day and night for that which is called his self-actualization effort

For example, we can say that a sportsman who wants to win gold in the Olympics after falling 2,3 times he worked and worked harder and now he is having a gold medal in his hand.




This is second MOTIVATIONAL THEORY which contains two factors those are Hygiene factor and he Motivation factor, hygiene factor includes the factor which one need to be fulfilled in the working station but these factors satisfaction does not end long their motivation life is short but at the same time they are really important for the growth.

The second factor is the motivational factor which provides the positive response and urges of responsibility o the employees these include reward, recognition, respect, growth as well as responsibility.

The two factors are :


it includes the following factors :


It is the most important factor in one’s life, the individual working in an organization need his salary should be reasonable according to his work and at the same time it should satisfy him, the salary should be equal as well as somewhat competitive between the colleagues.


The policies or the rules of the company should not be rigid or too complicated should be equal to each and every person working in an organization the policies should be fair and clear, it should include flexible working timing, flexible dress code, should include holidays and breaks as well.


The employees, as well as their family members, should be given medical facilities, due to which they may feel the safety of their medical expenses and would be satisfied with the good doctors and hospitals.


Most importantly the working station of the employees should be clean, with fresh air and an open environment, the equipment should be updated and well maintained so that heir is no problem during working hours.


The status of the employees should be recognized by the organization which will give him more confidence in his work and will be happier while working for the organization.


The relationship of the individual with his co-workers, his subordinates, and his superiors should be familiar and acceptable there should be no partiality or human right violation and no conflict should be there between anyone in the organization.


It is the most important factor in this theory the worker should be always provided with job security so that he can work openly and confidently for the organization.


It includes the following factors


The employees should always be recognized for their work by the superiors due to which the workers will always feel his importance in the organization growth.


The organization should always provide some reward or gift to the workers for their work so that their sense of achievement can be maintained.


The employees of the organization should always be provided with the opportunities through which they can grow in the organization and should be timely promoted through they will be highly motivated and will work harder for more good opportunities.


The superiors of the workers should provide full control of the work to the worker, the worker should maximize the profit and minimize the retain, this will urge the sense of responsibility in the individual.


The work given to the employee should be challenging, meaningful and interesting so that while working with the employee should be highly motivated.


In this MOTIVATIONAL THEORY, the managers should satisfy employee with their hygiene need as well as motivational need which should include the salary, recognition, safety in all aspects,

Reward and respect to each and everyone and should be given more and more growth opportunities and moreover there should not be any human right violation so that the worker may feel safe and secure In the organization which will always lead to the positive and profitable result for the organization as well as for the individual.



This MOTIVATIONAL THEORY was first given by the MC GREGOR, he said that there are two types of employees first who are not more motivated and are always finding to escape from the work does not take challenges and does not want take pride in the organization here the manager needs to be strict towards his employees for the achievement if the goals of the organization.

On the other hand, the second type of employees who are highly motivated
towards the work wants to take responsibility here the manager needs
to make participative towards his employees he should provide them full control
over the work and responsibility of the work.


According to MC Gregor MOTIVATIONAL THEORY, the manager thinks that his workers are
highly demotivated, dislikes the work always find the way to escape from their work,
they are even not having any sense of responsibility towards their work or towards the organization.

In this hard  situations, the manager is always finding the way that how he could motivate the employee
and how can he achieve the goals of the organization whether he should give them some reward or
responsibility or the punishment for the workers who are not working

The manager had to always keep an eye on his workers there are many superiors and subordinates
over the employees so that the goal of the organization.


In this MOTIVATIONAL THEORY, according to Mc Gregor, the manager thinks that his workers are motivated
and does not need any eye over their work, their sense of responsibility is high so that
he can give them full control over the work so that their responsibility may increase
and will be their own boss in the working area.

This type of employees does not need any pressure or threat or external control over their work
these employees are creative as well as highly capable of doing their work with full passion
their capabilities can be utilized towards the benefit of the organization.

We can say that in the theory x the employees is the pessimist and in theory y the employees
are optimist towards their work.


In MOTIVATIONAL THEORY  X and Y, this is the only comparison between the highly motivated and highly demotivated employees in the organization that how should the manager take work from these
types of employees so that he can meet up the goals of the organization

How a manager should control over the pessimist workers by giving them the threat, fear or punishment
for not working up to the mark and how the manager should deal with the optimistic worker by giving them
more responsibility and not keeping an eye on their work by using their capabilities for the benefit of the organization.

These types of employees should be rewarded timely should be recognized as well as should be given
control over the work so that their sense of responsibility towards the work should always be increased.



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