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Business Communication

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Business Communication—Definition and Meaning:

Communication is the word that is derived from the Latin word communis means common,
communication involves sharing of ideas in common.
We can also say communication means to convey or exchange information, two or more people transmit their thoughts, ideas, information through the process of communication

Definition of communication According to W. H. Newman and C. F. Summer,
“Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons.”


Business Communication
Two business colleagues shaking hands and communicating during a meeting.

Transfer of information takes place through the process of communication in order to get the desired result from the receiver. Communication is a two-way channel for transmitting idea plan report suggestion etc.
which directly influence the attitude toward the business objective. The goal of communicators is to convey the message or idea meaningfully without any distortion.
The success of any leader of any business organization depends on the adequacy of the communication.



It is the duty of the managers and the higher authority to maintain the communication channel in a good manner so as to convey the message, policy, thinking to their subordinate and can get their feedback and account of their problem.
Communication done among two-person regarding their personal information or thoughts are personal communication on the other hand exchange of information based on facts and idea related to a business is know as business communication

Business communication is the communication where the activities are related to the business purpose such as providing good and services to the customer and on return earning a profit.
Thus, the Communication related to management purpose, legal purpose, administration, etc. of a business organization can be covered under  ‘Business Communication’.

The success of any business organization directly depends on the good communication. Effective communication always removes the hindrance while achieving the business target. Ineffective communication will always lead any business toward the loss in revenue, time, energy, profit and many more aspects.

As in this era of competition success of any big or small organization depends on the effect of information on the customer delivered by them.
Usually through an effective communication customer knows about our company and the product or the services we are providing to them which is an important part of business communication.

Elements of Business Communication:

Business communication has basic elements such as:-

Business Communication
The basic element of Business Communication


Subject matter that is transmitted by the sender also known the body/content in a message.
This might be feeling, order, idea, suggestion etc.


The person he/she intend to deliver the message while making a meaning full understanding of it.


The person he/she receives the message through sender and understands the message.



Information is transmitted through various media channel such as T.V, radio, e-mail, etc.
these channels are selected by the sender keeping the message in mind.


Action and signs used by the sender while communicating with the receiver.


it is the message that is delivered back by the receiver to the sender after understanding the message that was delivered to him.


Features of Business Communication:

Factors that differ in business communication and the normal communication.
business communication must be:

Practical in nature,


should be Clear and brief,

should be Target-oriented,



Effective business communication has the practical aspect involved within it such as how, why, and when also involve totally avoids imaginary unnecessary information which saves our time and energy and holds high importance to the receiver.


Communication is considered factual when it contains facts and figures with the proper date,
time and location, which makes it easily understandable.

 Clear and Brief:

The message should be clear and brief in nature, by avoiding unnecessary data and information.
should have some figures in it.


The business communication should have a definite objective and a planned way of achieving it


Business communication should be persuasive in nature which should motivate an employee to perform its duty in a well-organized manner.

The other chactersticks of business communication are:-

 Integral Part of Management Process:

The communication process where the management conveys the information in a very adequate manner it could be order, information or policy. it also involves the feedback part or any suggestion from the subordinate.

Communication in this way allows the staff to come into action, this communication should be very clear in nature
as our profit and the revenue totally depends on the communication. So, communication is a part and parcel of the management function.

Two-Way Traffic:

Communication is always a two-way process. which involve the sender and the receiver. the one who delivers a message and one who receives it now we can say the communication is done but it is not said to be the two-way communication process.
In two way communication process we also receive the feedback of the receiver. so a man should not always intend to spear rather should also listen to another person than only an effective communication process can take place.

Mutual Understanding:

The process of communication generates the mutual understanding between the employes. which helps them in the better understanding of each other.
eventually, they start working in the more effective manner toward the growth of the business.


As the communication involve a wide range in the subject matter regarding all the department in business such as sale, marketing, hr, finance, production and it also moves in every direction saying side by side, upward to downward, and vice vera so the communication should always be pervasive in nature.


Any organization cannot hold longer without a proper communication plays a vital role in business operation so it should always be in a contentious process break down in any communication will always result in the loss to the company.


Business communication should always be specific in nature it should always avoid the unnecessary information or any such information that is not be delivered yet. the information should be crisp and clear to every on the sender and the receiver.

Internal and External:

Business communication always plays both roles internal as well as external role . in internal role the communication is done within the company among the employee and the staff member which allows them to perfume their duties in a well-organized manner on the other hand external role means communication with the dealers and the customer directly which decides the profit and loss to  the company .

Different Types: Business communication is of following types :



  • A communication can never be completed by without feedback . as it plays a vital role in communication, only by the proper feedback we can know the actual impact of our message and also allows us to know was the message clear and understandable to the receiver exactly same as we intend to deliver it.


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